Quarantine times. Some ideas coming to the rescue

I have been in lock down in the Canary Islands now for 4 weeks (about 10 days less than the official time). Even before landing in Madrid while flying over the airport I could feel my life was about to drastically change. No planes, no cars, no freedom to walk the streets. Already from the air I started feeling the anxiety. My husband shows his stress easily, I keep it to myself, this way someone can hold the situation together. After a most strange night in Madrid we landed in Tenerife. My sister had to get a special permit to pick us up from the airport. Temperature was taken upon arrival to the island. And then 4 weeks so far in full lock down. We do not own a dog, so that equals to no walks either.


The first week I cried, I got angry, I was upset. I couldn’t face reality. And I was mad at all the people in social media posting happy notes: “take this time to relax, slow the pace in life and be happy with the little things.” What???



It turns out 5 days in, I was so used to the situation. I was still upset, but I decided this was a good time to practice Bowspring with Bowspring teachers from all over. Set simple and accessible goals. I have taken over twenty five Bowspring classes from over 15 different teachers in 5 weeks!!! My advice is not necessarily that you do that. How many times do we say I don’t have time to do this or that? I always ALWAYS say I live far and I can’t take classes with other Bowspring teachers. So, there you go!

What is the thing you always want to do and never have time to?


In my practice of Bowspring I am paying special attention to my Radiant Heart. Simplify and eventhough some days we push ourselves, we normally go gentle. It doesn't seem like a good time to push much, don't you think? 


For this quarantine I found that a certain level of routine, not strict hour by hour type of routine but I good idea of what you intend to do most of the days, helps.


My quarantine is with my husband and my sister. The three of us practice the Bowspring classes’ everyday together. It is important that all members of the household share a movement practice, because a level of energy and radiance is obtained after practicing and if all members are sync, the many hours together in lock down will be easier to manage.


We practice WimHof breathing and everyday cold showers. We stay healthy, protect our immune system and get a shot of energy.


We get fresh and local produce delivered every 4 days. That way we are cooking delicious and healthy meals.


We cook every day and bake for fun once or twice a week. Remember you can find tons of healthy baking recipes. Keep meals light.


We have chats about the future, we are even exploring new ideas without the anxiety of the unknown, as we have embrace it so well, that we joke around about it.


We read books and studies, we share some findings and good reads. We watch documentaries and only at the end of the day we turn on the smart tv and watch something.

We use our phones all day. We have not limited our exposure as I personally feel in my case I have had the chance to connect with old friends and people in general that bring me peace, share ideas, offer me comfort, loving words. I do not use the phone to play or work, just connect with actual real people that I know and know me, so interactions are valuable and make a positive impact in my days.


We drink tons of water.

Be loving and compassionate with one another.

We go to bed at a similart time every night and normally enjoy a good night sleep.

I am still mad, frustrated at times. But glad for the ocean, for the animals and in general for nature and the rest the Earth enjoys.


We are calm but wide awake. Stay awake is my big advice. 

We support each other practicing every day in this small flat
We support each other practicing every day in this small flat