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Door County, Wisconsin
Door County, Wisconsin


The Boswpring alignment is a revolutionary postural practice for optimal health. The Bowspring is a curvy, dynamic and open posture. The Bowspring alignment is accessible for people of all ages worldwide. The Bowspring alignment creates a fluidity, lightness and agile strength that we can benefit from in our most common daily activities, such as sitting, standing and walking. Using the Bowspring everyday helps to clear chronic aches and pains, and to have more energy to openly embrace our lives with empowerment and readiness.

This is Daura! Nice meeting you and thank you for stopping by!

This site, mainly in Spanish, is about how I happily work towards a healthy Body, Heart and Mind. Making conscious living choices.    

After spending time living in Germany and the USA I moved back home to the Canary Islands. These are a beautiful group of 7+ islands off the African coast. Here the weather is great, beaches?! we have plenty and the quality of life has no competition.

One of the places I lived in the USA was Chicago! There, in 2014, I practiced a postural method called Bowspring. This way of moving and working out was a great discovery for me and since I got in touch with it, I couldn't stop learning more about it and practising it. I started with my great friend Bridget Gross, who first introduced me to this method and then at Yogaview in Lincoln Park, Chicago I continued to learn and practice more and more, during 2014, 2015 and part of 2016 with the fantastic teacher and full of light and love Geri Bleier. Dorie Silverman, Sarah, Jessica, Mitchel, Tracy were also amazing teachers.

My hope is to be able to bring that now to every place I go, as I believe this innovative method can make our everyday life routines much better from a postural point of view but hopefully also from a much wider perspective (food habits, everyday life interactions, our mind-set...).


Here you can learn tons about the Bowspring method from the creators, Desi Springer and Jonh Friend globalbowspring.

And here, please find all the information for my Bowspring classes in Tenerife, Canary Islands. All my classes are available in English AND German as well. You can also book online classes with me, simply contact me to begin your transformation. 

I stay in touch with the global Bowspring community and refresh myself with new knowledge and practice every time it is possible. During 2017 I traveled to Madrid for a week workshop with Desi and John. I also flew to Edinburgh in July 2017 for a very special weekend (10 hour training) with John and Desi as well. I also attended the Bowspring TT in Barbados in March 2018 and the special weekend training in Madrid, April 2018.

In July 2018 we gathered in Antwerp, Belgium for a few days of more training with Desi and John.

In october 2018 I attended the Global Bowspring Teacher Trainning (TT 30 hours) in the HQ in Denver, CO. In June 2019 we came together in Engabrunn, Austria for a 10 day TT and in September 2019 I joined a retreat in Ibiza to deepen our practice in other levels, such as silence, patience, breathing technics, adjustments, special cases, etc.

If you wish to attend one of globalbowspring workshops and TT with the creators of the method, Desi and John, please contact me, I will get you all the information.

Also I am planning myself retreats and workshops all year round, so don´t be shy and write me for more details!

In my site I'd also like to talk about conscious cooking with local and seasonal products as well as organic ones, and talk about much better ways of consuming our food and feeding our bodies.

My mom herself teaches workshops about it. She learned,  among others with the well-known, Montse Bradford, ways to stay healthy by consuming local foods, going back to our roots, cooking slow and using whole grains, legumes, local veggies and fruits. In her blog, here in my site you can learn more about what she is doing and how to take part.

Feel free to follow me in Instagram @daura.afonso. We can't wait to hear from you!