Sincere Friendship

To Bridget and Geri.


This is something I have been writing now for a while…


I am not sure you two know how much you both mean to me. It is thanks to you both that I feel happier than ever in my own body. I made two wonderful friends in Chicago who cared for me and showed me the sweetest side of sincere friendship.


The practice of Bowspring is what brought us together, and it is exactly that, what I love the most about this practice. I get to know great people with whom I share this lifestyle and its benefits.


Bowspring and Sridaiva to me mean: open minded attitude, friendship, growth, and collaboration. Real, harmony, interconnection, team work, conscious use of resources, local, community, healthy and conscious diet.

It means big, open, strong, agile, light and radiant. I means you put your heart at the center of your life.


But Bowspring is also dance, movement, jump and spring. Smiles and laughter.


Don’t you think the way you exercise should also be the way you live? Don’t you think it makes sense to move all day the same way you move when you train?


In Bowspring we spring and laugh and smile and move our body in a way that makes us feel amazing, wouldn’t you want to keep that spirit to every place you go, in everything you do?


I am determined to share this way of life in my community and I have Bridget and Geri to thank for!


P.S. Bridget, you probably don’t know this, but I will be forever grateful for the bouquet you brought to our front door, it meant so much to us and it is just another proof of the amazing person you are.                                          

        Geri, your light and energy are limitless, hope you don’t mind, I took some of it with me ;)